I was an apprentice with the CEGB in the 1961 intake to Coventry Power Station. There were 6 of us, myself, Ivor Cole, Stuart...? Brian Young and two othe guy's who's names I can't remember. We all attended Pre Apprenticeship class at Handsworth Tech along with apprentices from other regions including Jim Aldridge, Mart Stephens, Ray Cope, Keith Hirons, Bob Jolly, Roger Wanklin, Paul Pratty and others for 12 months before we all rejoined our local power stations.

The station superintendent was Bob Harvey and his assistant was a guy called Dance, succeeded by a Mr... Gibbs, a grass track motorbike racer. The Mechanical engineer was Mr Hooper, succeeded by a Mr Barr.

After 2 years at Coventry I transferred to Hams Hall and stayed there for another 12 months before leaving the industry. I went into the machine tool industry for a further 10 years and then moved to Germany and joined the aerospace industry. I moved back to the UK in 1989 and remained in the aerospace industry until I retired in 2007.