My name is Alan Kirk and I was a part of the craft apprentice intake for 1972 based at High Marnham power station, soon to be
returned to nature !

I can remember the following lucky lads who were part of that years group :-

WestBurton. Gary Keeling, Rob Kendal, Chris Chappel, Mick Flynn(paddy) and ???? Bassett.
Cottam. Dave Tunard, Dave Cooper, Mick Hubbard, and Pete Straw.
High Marnham. Me, Alan Straw, Denis Sturman, and John Shaw.
Staythorpe. David Kennedy, Clive Sims(slash)
Lincoln. Gary Robson, Keith Mc,Gurk, and Steve ????.
Ratcliffe. Pete Arundel
Castle Donington. ????
Spondon. Kev Wheatley.
Willington. ????
Drakelow. Keith Williams, Bob Ballard.

Can any one help fill in the missing names?