I was part of 1969 intake, survived Burton on Trent, Derby (Castle Donington) and Birmingham. Was part of the first intake at Drakelow when Donington wound up. I lasted with the board at Cottam as an Instrument Mechanic until 1976 when I finally had enough of hectic shift work and poor pay. Joined British Steel in Scunthorpe, at the time was losing millions a week, for day work and more money. I left after 18 months for a job with I.C.I. in Cleveland.

I joined Shell in 1982, worked offshore and onshore but got bored after 18 years so jumped at the chance of severance and started my own computer business which is going from strength to strength.

I always remember my days as an apprentice with the board with great fondness, although at the time I hated much of the buggering about I got, (remember the half expenses we got for traveling). Having worked in many industries and trained many apprentices, I can truly say that the training we got from the C.E.G.B. was with out doubt the finest I have ever come across.