I was a CEGB craft apprentice from Ironbridge power station that went to Erdington Tech. and then, due to privatisation, went to the new training centre for National Power people which was the old power station at Whitehall Road in Leeds.

I do remember a lot of the colleagues from that year (12 in total) who went to Rugeley, Willington, Drakelow and Hams Hall. For information I am currently still at the station having done 21 years and are been encouraged to find another job in the industry (we are owned by E.ON) due it now due to shut in the next couple of years.

There was 3 apprentices in my year from Ironbridge Vanessa York (daughter of an existing employee at the time) but she dropped out after only the 1st week at tech.
Gavin Hall was a lad I went to school with at the local Abraham Darby school but he got asked to resign just before the end of the 1st year as we had all been involved in fighting at the tech. And myself.