I started as a student apprentice at Willington in 1965 with day release courses at Burton Tech. College. After about 2 years I was transferred to Drakelow 'C' where much of it was being re-engineered at Drakelow 'D', a pub in Stapenhill. I moved around a variety of departments, interspersed with sandwich courses at Derby Tech. Kedleston Road.

I recall that this was a crazy time in the industry. Following on from Drakelow 'C', were the 2000MW stations popping up like mushrooms along the Trent valley and with them lots of new jobs. The young engineers would scramble for the "Pink Sheets" when they appeared each month. These were the lists of new engineering jobs, issued from Solihull every month. It wasn't unknown for adverts for prize jobs to disappear, presumably in an attempt to reduce competition.

I spent 3 months at Burton power station during which time I found that most Burtonians thought that it was part of the Gas works next door in Wetmore Road.

Then there was the 6 months manufactures training at Parsons Peebles in Witton, traveling every day from Burton.

I settled in EMD at 'C' station for many years before taking voluntary redundancy in January 1994 and emigrating to New Zealand later that year, where I have been at New Zealand Steel since 1995.

My Memories



I find it difficult to imagine that there will ever be anything like the power industry in the late sixties. There was seemingly money to burn, contractors everywhere, unlimited overtime, people seemingly working more "Ghosters" than there were days in the week.

Just a few names I remember :-

Finally, there can be few people who worked at Drakelow for very long who didn't know Bryn Corbett. A Black Countryman who at times seemed to have more Irish in him than his Irish wife Cath. Also my boss for 20+ years, I have many, many fond memories of him, not least of his cycling exploits, usually when he was on the way home from the pub. Thank you Bryn. . . . and many, many more . . when I write the book.

Did I enjoy it . . you bet!   Back It Each Way.