I joined the CEGB from school in 1985 as electrical apprentice at West Burton. 1st year Newark Tech, 2nd year Drakelow PTC, 3rd & 4th years at West Burton. Other lads there in my year were – Gary Straughan, Paul (Pimp) Hooton, Carl (Smeg) Shaw, Ian Gordon & Selwyn Oakes.

I have many fond memories of my time at West Burton and often look back and reflect on how lucky I was to have such a cracking apprenticeship with such a good group of men – who taught me more than they may think about life as well as electrical stuff. I liked nearly everyone I met there, but I have particular memories and respect for Brian Aldridge (my foreman), Ken Oldman, Don (Buzz) Webb, Keith Preston, Dave Davies, Peter Cox, Dave Maltby (who gave me many a thick ear for talking when I should have been listening) and DZ (sorry Dave, I’m not even going to try and spell your surname) who has to be the cleverest, most barking mad bloke I have ever met – but who looked after me like a son and taught me a great deal (and also got me into quite a lot of trouble along the way). I could go on, but thanks to all of you at West Burton who helped me along the way and put me on the road to where I am now.

I had a few AKA’s back then, some of them being – “Chud” (still my work place name to this day – thanks Gords for starting that one), “Candy Floss”, “Harpo”, “Albatross”, “Jona”, “Little Waart”……..to name a few.

I remember being “crucified” in the domestic boiler house, falling into the top of a S&S liquid resistor tank (backside first) and being boiled, being painted, greased, suspended on the precip. hoist (for being cheeky), water bombed, fire hosed……. – all the usual apprentice conditioning processes. Lads today, they don’t know they’re born!

After my apprenticeship, I left West Burton for a spell with National Grid on Sherwood Transmission District before joining EMD at Cottam. In 1997 I moved to newly built Cottam Development Centre (CCGT) where I spent 7 years on operations. I now work at Killingholme CCGT as a Production Technician & Senior Authorised Person.